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TL Screw Conveyor Gear Drive
The TL Product Line offers the same design integrity and reliability of previous product offerings but this new design sets Dorris apart from the rest of the industry.  The TL Series consists of:
Component Gear Drive -- Equal to the TR Gear Drive, adding a gear drive adaptor and removing the Torque Arm Assembly.  
Drive Shaft Kit --  The TL Drive Shaft Kit contains a removable shaft, locknut, lockwasher and key.  TL Drive Shafts have a tapered output end to avoid binding.
Trough End Adaptor Kit -- The Trough End Adaptor Kit contains the Trough End Adapter and Packing Gland Assembly.  Dorris Trough Ends are also available.
Conversion Kit -- To Convert a TR to a TL, a TR/TL Conversion Kit, along with a drive shaft kit and trough end adapter kit is required.
Options -- Options include Motor Mount, High Performance Packing Gland, Grease/Air Purge Packing Gland, 303 Stainless Steel Output Shaft and Three-Hole Drilled Output Shaft.
American Made & Less Investment -- The TL product is versatile, efficient and cost-effective.  Completely American Made with American Workers and produced in an American Plant. 

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