Our series of Gear Drives include shaft mount and base type models in single, double, and triple reductions with a nominal ratio range of 5:1 to 250:1. Available accessories such as motor mounts, bed plates, scoop motor mounts, direct drive motor adaptors, and belt guards cover most motor drive applications; and, multiple bushing and shaft diameters free up possibilities for outputs.

We are located in Fraser, MI, providing service nationwide. Our gear drives provide usage in all areas of Aggregate, Cathedral Doors, Cattle Ranch, Food Processing, Grain Elevators, Grain Handling, Man Lifts, Manufacturing, Recycling Conveyors, Recycling Garbage, Rice Mills, Textile Looms, Waste Water, Wood Chip Production, Etc.

Dorris has been the leader in technological advances in the gear industry since 1946. We use the latest technology and time honored craftsmanship to provide quality, performance and design at your fingertips. As your needs change, we will be happy to evaluate them and offer you the services that will help achieve your new goals the best!

If you are looking for reliability, engineering excellence and design innovation, choose Dorris Gear Drives – where tradition continues! I look forward to helping you with your project extremities!

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