Textile Loom

Type of Industry: Textile Loom

Details of equipment: Our unit is used on a very large corduroy loom for the textile industry. Details of original drive: Falk shaft mount. Details of Dorris replacement drive: 207TR10 with taps on both sides. How has the Dorris drive performed, enhanced, simplified, condensed, etc. the customer’s overall drive package? The Dorris unit fit the redesign better than the Falk. A special bushing would have been required for the Falk drive. Why did Dorris get the order? Dorris Engineering was very helpful with the engineer in designing this unit. We were easier to deal with than Falk. Our delivery times were also better. Dorris Gear Drive: 207TR10F3 w/ 207T207 Bushing Kit, 2TP-1 Special Torque Plates,K68-2-1 Torque Arm Assembly and BS207TR-1 Backstop Kit Rated HP: 39.2 hp @ 1750 rpm input
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