Garbage Recycling Industry

Type of Industry: Recycling Plant, Garbage

Details of equipment: Shredder machine Details of original drive: Dodge TCM 800, 10 hp belt drive. Drive was failing early. Details of Dorris replacement drive: We used a 99150 overrated with 30hp. 10hp was failing. 105:1 ratio. Chain drive on output shaft to shredder. recycl2 How has the Dorris drive performed, enhanced, simplified, condensed, etc. the customer’s overall drive package? The customer is waiting for the original unit to fail. We installed a 400 series last year on another drive. (pictures at right) The customer is very, very happy. They feel the Dorris drive is very efficient. Why did Dorris get the order? The distributor contact solved a problem for the customer. Price was competitive, but service got the order.
recycl2 recycl1
recycl3 Rated HP: 29.2 hp @ 1750 rpm input
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