Grain Handling Applications

Type of Industry: Grain handling – Corn cob pre-processing mill

Details of equipment: 24" dia. screw conveyor x 40 feet, inclined 45 degrees. Screw transports corn cob from truck dumping station to processing. Screw simply lays in trough (no hanger bearings) and drive is in below ground pit, making it difficult to access. Duty cycle: September thru Mid-November, 24 hrs daily/7 days per week Mid-November thru February, 16 hrs daily/5 days per week Details of original drive: Falk 4307J 15:1 Shaft mount. 25HP 1725 rpm Siemens Motor with a 2:1 v-belt drive on the input side. Due to problems, a jackshaft assembly and 1:1 chain drive were added to the system on the output side. Final output rpm = 57.5 Details of Dorris replacement: Dorris 407TL25 with High Performance Packing Gland and 1,12:1 v-belt ratio to maintain 57.5 output rpm. Eliminated Chain Drive, Jackshaft Why did Dorris get the order? Original drive would last only 3 to 4 months between failures. Attempting to extend original gearbox life between failures had cut production by 67%. Dorris received the order because we agreed to take the drive back if it failed to perform as promised. Customer’s only expectation was 1 year uninterrupted service. Dorris warranty is 2 years/4000 hours. How has the Dorris drive performed, enhanced, simplified, condensed, etc. the customer’s overall drive package? Dorris drive has performed flawlessly for 2 1/2 years. Customer is thrilled. In addition, customer is getting 24 tons of output per hour versus the 8 tons per hour previously.

Type of Industry : Ethanol Plant

Details of equipment: Drag conveyors and elevators Details of original drive: Nord Gear in-line helicals with oil-bath chain case final drives Details of Dorris replacement drive: Dorris 307TR – 415TR units 25:1 ratio How has the Dorris drive simplified, condensed, etc. the customer’s overall drive package? Original drive units had input shafts replaced under warranty several times. The chain cases leak and oil is contaminating the surrounding area. The Dorris TR units have solved both these problems. Why did Dorris get the order? Through the efforts of a local distributor. That distributor is working on a spares order of 10 – 12 units to be stored at the ethanol plant. The original equipment would be converted over to Dorris dictated by the maintenance requirements.
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