Grain Elevator Application

Type of Industry: Grain Elevator

Details of equipment: Bucket Elevator : 200 HP; 26,000 Bu./Hr.; 213’ high. Details of original drive: Right angle helical bevel – hollow shaft. 200 HP; 30:1 Details of the Dorris replacement drive: 608 Scoop Mount; 200 HP. Direct couple. Concern about overhung load led to spring-supported scoop mount for load and "wobble" allowance. How has the Dorris drive simplified, condensed, etc. the customer’s overall drive package? The Dorris drive was more economical and offered much simpler maintenance; Simpler to remove tapered bushing from motor side. Why did Dorris get the order? The contractor saved over $250,000 on the total project of large drives. The local OEM/Distributor and Dorris Engineering/Sales had done a great job of meeting the demands of the grain company and the contractor.
nordsen72Dorris Drive: 608TR030 CC w/ 608T600 Bushing KitRated HP: 275.8 hp @ 1750 rpm input
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