Dorris Product Applications

A few Dorris gear drive applications are detailed in the links below.  Please view them to see the  Dorris solution to an application problem.

Aggregate Industry

L. A. Cathedral:  Automated Doors
They asked for a gear drive that would last 500 years. . .they chose a Dorris.

Cattle Ranch:  Solar powered water pumping unit

Food Processing Solutions

Grain Elevator

Grain Handling

Man Lift for Aircraft Manufacturer

Aluminum processing
Crane manufacturer
Pigment Manufacturing
Roofing shingle manufacturer - Cooling conveyor rolls on roofing shingle line.

Recycling Conveyors

Recycling - Garbage recycling facility

Rice Mill - Screw conveyors, mixer and bucket elevators, belt conveyor piggy back rice hull dryers.

Textile Loom

Waste Water Treatment: Vertical Mixer Drivers & Aerator Drives

Wood Chip Production

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