Base Type Drives

Design integrity, reliability and manufacturing excellence . . . all standard with the Dorris product line.

base_family_sm_98Features and Benefits:

Broad Ratios (1.5 to 250:1) - Sizes 900 to 10000

Torque ratings to 240,000 in-lbs output

Multiple shaft arrangements and mounting positions

Unique sizes under 5800

Tapered roller bearings throughout

(Installation, Lubrication & Maintenance Instruction)

Download the entire Dorris Base Type Catalog.

Dorris Base Type Gear Drives

Designed for minimum Bearing and Gear life (L10) of 10,000 hours under rated load.

Sizes larger than are published in the Base Type Catalog are now available.

Parallel shaft gear drives support gears between bearings.  There is no overhung pinion as found in concentric gear drives

There are many ratios available for each model; not all are mentioned in the catalog or even on this site.  No Engineering charges if the ratio has been previously designed.

Customizing of input and output shafts for customer needs is common and cost effective.  No Engineering charges if the shaft has been previously designed.

Ductile Cast Iron and Fabricated Steel Housings are available and will be quoted upon Customer request.  Ductile Cast Iron standard on 9900 and 10000 Models.  Fabricated Steel Housing standard on 12000 Model.

Top Motor Mount provides means for V-Belt input.  This minimizes the floor space required and provides a means to adjust the ratio for an exact output speed.

Bedplates provide a common mounting for motor and gear drive.

Optional Adjustable Bedplate Base allows movement of output to tension chain drive or alignment of output shaft for a coupling.

Options available include oil sump heaters, non-contact labyrinth oil seals, ceiling and wall mounting.  Complete custom parallel shaft gear drives using stock components reduces cost and lead time.

Shaft Assembly Diagram:


Motor Mount and Adjustable Bedplate Base:


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